Volume 8 - 2018 - Index

Issue 1

1. Isolation of Calonectria sulawesiensis from soil in Thailand and its pathogenicity against Eucalyptus camaldulensis
Jessadarom H, Phetruang W, Haitook S, Cheewangkoon R
Plant Pathology & Quarantine 8(1), 1–8, Doi 10.5943/ppq/8/1/1

2. Phyllosticta capitalensis sporulating on ginkgo leaves in Taiwan
Kirschner R
Plant Pathology & Quarantine 8(1), 10–13, Doi 10.5943/ppq/8/1/2

3. First record of Leptoxyphium madagascariense (Dothideomycetes, Capnodiales) from sugarcane juice
Abdel-Sater MA, Moubasher AH, Soliman Z
Plant Pathology & Quarantine 8(1), 15–22, Doi 10.5943/ppq/8/1/3

4. Growth responses of okra (Abelmoschus esculentus) to inoculation with Trichoderma viride, mancozeb and Sclerotium rolfsii in sterile and non-sterile soils
Ekundayo EA, Ekundayo FO, Osibote IA, Boboye BE, Adetuyi FC
Plant Pathology & Quarantine 8(1), 24–35, Doi 10.5943/ppq/8/1/4

5. Augmented maize seed germination and seedling growth under water stress using Trichoderma harzianum from semi-arid soils
Chepsergon J, Mwamburi LA, Kiprop KE
Plant Pathology & Quarantine 8(1), 37–46, Doi 10.5943/ppq/8/1/5

6. Erysiphe australiana causing powdery mildew on crape myrtle (Lagerstroemia indica) in Mexico
Márquez-Licona G, Solano-Báez AR, Pérez-López M, Leyva-Mir SG, Tovar-Pedraza JM
Plant Pathology & Quarantine 8(1), 48–51, Doi 10.5943/ppq/8/1/6

7. A modified digital formula as identification tool for thyriotheceous foliicolous fungi and their anamorphs
Lini KM, Neeta NN, Jacob T, Swapna S
Plant Pathology & Quarantine 8(1), 53–56, Doi 10.5943/ppq/8/1/7

8. Record of a new host of the wood-rotting fungus Hexagonia tenuis
Plant Pathology & Quarantine 8(1), 58–62, Doi 10.5943/ppq/8/1/8

9. First report of the rust fungus Phragmidium mexicanum from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
Fahad M, Fiaz M, Ullah S, Rehman H, Shariq M, Majid A, Alam J
Plant Pathology & Quarantine 8(1), 63–66

10. In vitro evaluation of commonly available fungicides against three fungal isolates
Ullah S, Naz F, Fiaz M, Sher H, Hussain S,Ahmad S, Khalid AN
Plant Pathology & Quarantine 8(1), 67–77

11. Diversity of powdery mildew fungi from North Western Himalayan Region of Himachal Pradesh – a checklist
Gautam AK, Avasthi S
Plant Pathology & Quarantine 8(1), 78–99

12. Differentiation among Sclerotium rolfsii isolates in response to saponins treatment
Abdel-Rahman SS, Omar SA, Ali AAM
Plant Pathology & Quarantine 8(1), 100–109

Issue 2

13. Fungi associated with foliar diseases of Tecoma stans in Tlaxcala, Mexico
Santiago-Santiago V, Ayala-Escobar V, Nava-Díaz C, Solano-Báez AR, Tovar-Pedraza JM
Plant Pathology & Quarantine 8(2), 110–115

14. First record of Rhizopus oryzae from stored apple fruits in Saudi Arabia
Al-Dhabaan FA
Plant Pathology & Quarantine 8(2), 116–121

15. Controlling phytophthora blight of cucumber (Cucumis sativus) in a derived savannah, using different spray intervals of a registered fungicide
Aba SC, Eze SC, Ishieze PU, Omeje TE, Ugwuoke KI
Plant Pathology & Quarantine 8(2), 122–130

16. A new morphotype of Golovinomyces neosalviae infecting Salvia officinalis
Götz M, Idczak E, Richert-Pöggeler K, Braun U
Plant Pathology & Quarantine 8(2), 131–139

17. First report of squash leaf curl virus detected in Proboscidea louisianica in Mexico
Díaz-Nájera JF, Ayvar-Serna S, Vargas-Hernández M, Sahagún-Castellanos J, Alvarado-Gómez OG, Tejeda-Reyes MA
Plant Pathology & Quarantine 8(2), 140–143

18. Efficacy of Allium sativum extract as post-harvest treatment of fruit rot of mango
Nur Fatimma A, Munirah MS, Sharifah Siti Maryam SAR, Najihah A, Nur Ain Izzati MZ
Plant Pathology & Quarantine 8(2), 144–152

19. Are pathogenic isolates of Stemphylium host specific and cosmopolitan?
Brahamanage RS, Hyde KD, Li XH, Jayawardena RS, McKenzie EHC, Yan JY
Plant Pathology & Quarantine 8(2), 153–164

20. Colletotrichum tropicale causal agent of anthracnose on noni plants (Morinda citrifolia) in Guerrero, Mexico
Ayvar-Serna S, Díaz-Nájera JF, Plancarte-Galán PJ, Vargas-Hernández M, Alvarado-Gómez OG, Tejeda-Reyes MA, Mena-Bahena A
Plant Pathology & Quarantine 8(2), 165–169

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