Volume 7 - 2017 - Index

Issue 1

1. Uromyces trifolii, a new addition to rust fungi of Himachal Pradesh, India, with a checklist of Uromyces in India
Gautam AK, Avasthi S
Plant Pathology & Quarantine 7(1): 1–14, Doi 10.5943/ppq/7/1/1

2. Additions to the leaf pathogenic fungi of Turkey
Erdoğdu M, Suludere Z, Hüseyin E
Plant Pathology & Quarantine 7(1), 16–19, Doi 10.5943/ppq/7/1/2

3. New records of the genus Ramularia in Iran
Behrooz SY, Salari M, Pirnia M, Sabbagh SK
Plant Pathology & Quarantine 7(1), 21–27, Doi 10.5943/ppq/7/1/3

4. Prevalence, incidence and molecular characterization of Phomopsis vexans (Diaporthe vexans) causing leaf blight and fruit rot disease of brinjal in Karnataka (India)
Mahadevakumar S, Amruthavalli C, Sridhar KR, Janardhana GR
Plant Pathology & Quarantine 7(1), 29–46, Doi 10.5943/ppq/7/1/4

5. First appearance of smut disease on woodland tulip, Tulipa sylvestris, in Iran
Arzanlou M, Narmani A
Plant Pathology & Quarantine 7(1), 48–51, Doi 10.5943/ppq/7/1/5

6. Diversity of rust fungus Puccinia on Justicia
Kumar S, Singh R, Gond DK
Plant Pathology & Quarantine 7(1), 53–58, Doi 10.5943/ppq/7/1/6

7. Cirsosia humboldtigena sp. nov. (Lembosiaceae, Ascomycetes) on Humboldtia vahliana from Kerala, India
Mathew KL, Nair NN, Swapna S
Plant Pathology & Quarantine 7 (1), 60–63, Doi 10.5943/ppq/7/1/7

8. Detection of post-harvest fungal diseases of mango by X-ray scanning non-destructive technology
Gadgile D, Chavan A
Plant Pathology & Quarantine 7(1), 65–69, Doi 10.5943/ppq/7/1/8

9. Field evaluation of beneficial and deleterious effects of rhizobacteria on cotton stand and yield
Aly AA, Gomaa EZ, Ashour SME, Zayed AZ, Mostafa MA
Plant Pathology & Quarantine 7(1), 71–80, Doi 10.5943/ppq/7/1/9

10. Histopathological studies of sesame (Sesamum indicum) seedlings infected with Fusarium oxysporum
Ara A, Akram A, Ajmal M, Akhund S, Nayyar BG, Seerat W, Chaudhry SM
Plant Pathology & Quarantine 7(1), 82–90, Doi 10.5943/ppq/7/1/10

Issue 2

11. X-ray imaging for detecting lack mould rot of sapota (Achras sapota) fruit
Gadgile D, Lande BR, Dhabde AS, Kamble SP
Plant Pathology & Quarantine 7(2), 92–94, Doi 10.5943/ppq/7/2/1

12. Potential effect of Piriformospora indica on plant growth and essential oil yield in Mentha piperita
Dolatabad HK, Goltapeh EM, Safari M, Golafaie TP
Plant Pathology & Quarantine 7(2), 96–104, Doi 10.5943/ppq/7/2/2

13. First record of Pseudoidium sp. on Heterophragma quadriloculare in India
Thite SV, Kore BA
Plant Pathology & Quarantine 7(2), 106–108, Doi 10.5943/ppq/7/2/3

14. Checklist of rust fungi from Ketmen ridge (southeast of Kazakhstan)
Rakhimova YV, Yermekova BD, Kyzmetova LA
Plant Pathology & Quarantine 7(2), 110–135, Doi 10.5943/ppq/7/2/4

15. First report of Hyaloperonospora brassicae causing downy mildew on wild radish in Mexico
Robles-Yerena L, Leyva-Mir SG, Carreón-Santiago IC, Cuevas-Ojeda J, Camacho-Tapia M, Tovar-Pedraza JM
Plant Pathology & Quarantine 7(2), 137–140, Doi 10.5943/ppq/7/2/5

16. Euoidium vernoniicola, a new report for Pakistan
Afshan NS, Khanum S, Fiaz M, Khalid AN, Niazi AR
Plant Pathology & Quarantine 7(2), 142–144, Doi 10.5943/ppq/7/2/6

17. Molecular and phylogenetic studies of Colletotrichum truncatum associated with soybean anthracnose in India
Marmat N, Ansari MM, Chand S, Ratnaparkhe MB
Plant Pathology & Quarantine 7(2), 146–152, Doi 10.5943/ppq/7/2/7

18. First record of Phaeoseptoria and new species records on Carex for Turkey
Erdoğdu M, Özbek MU
Plant Pathology & Quarantine 7(2), 154–158, Doi 10.5943/ppq/7/2/8

19. First confirmed report of Cerotelium fici causing leaf rust on Ficus carica in Mexico
Solano-Báez AR, Jiménez-Jiménez B, Camacho-Tapia M, Leyva-Mir SG, Nieto-López EH, Tovar-Pedraza JM
Plant Pathology & Quarantine 7(2), 160–163, Doi 10.5943/ppq/7/2/9

20. Karnal bunt of wheat in India and its management: a review
Sharma A, Sharma P, Dixit A, Tyagi R
Plant Pathology & Quarantine 7(2), 165–173, Doi 10.5943/ppq/7/2/10

21. First report of Colletotrichum falcatum causing anthracnose in cardamom
Bhuvaneswari S, Sripriya N, Srinithi A, Udaya Prakash NK
Plant Pathology & Quarantine 7(2), 175–179, Doi 10.5943/ppq/7/2/11

22. Biocontrol of powdery mildew of grapes using culture filtrate and biomass of fungal isolates
Singh PN, Singh SK, Tetali SP, Lagashetti AC
Plant Pathology & Quarantine 7(2), 181–189, Doi 10.5943/ppq/7/2/12

23. Morphology and phylogeny of Microdochium fisheri, a new record from India
Rana S, Baghela A, Singh SK
Plant Pathology & Quarantine 7(2), 191–200, Doi 10.5943/ppq/7/2/13

24. Characterization of Lasiodiplodia theobromae and L. pseudotheobromae causing fruit rot on pre-harvest mango in Malaysia
Munirah MS, Azmi AR, Yong SYC, Nur Ain Izzati MZ
Plant Pathology & Quarantine 7(2), 202–213, Doi 10.5943/ppq/7/2/14

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