Volume 2 - 2012 - Index

Issue 1

1. Construction and characterization of a genomic library of Colletotrichum horii from persimmon
Sun H, Zhang JZ, Zhang LL, Hyde KD
Plant Pathology & Quarantine 2(1), 1–8, doi 10.5943/ppq/2/1/1/

2. New fungi from Western Ghats. India
Hosagoudar VB and Sabeena A
Plant Pathology & Quarantine 3(1), 10–14, doi 10.5943/ppq/2/1/2

3. Pythium induced phenolic compounds in the resistance of Vitis vinifera to Botrytis cinerea
Bala K, Paul B
Plant Pathology & Quarantine 2(1), 16-23, doi 10.5943/ppq/2/1/3/

4. Colletotrichum gloeosporioides, the causal agent of citrus anthracnose in Guizhou Province
Jiang YL, Tan P, Zhou XY, Hou XL, Wang Y
Plant Pathology & Quarantine 2(1), 25–29, doi 10.5943/ppq/2/1/4/

5. Bipolaris cactivora causing fruit rot of dragon fruit imported from Vietnam
He PF, Ho H, Wu XX, Hou MS, He YQ
Plant Pathology & Quarantine 2(1), 31-35, doi 10.5943/ppq/2/1/5/

6. Identity of powdery mildew on Senna in Mexico
Rodríguez-Alvarado G, Soto-Plancarte A, Fernández-Pavía SP, Betancourt-Resendes I, Braun U
Plant Pathology & Quarantine 2(1), 37–42, doi 10.5943/ppq/2/1/6/

7. Comprehensive check list of Cercosporoid fungi from Iran
Bakhshi M, Arzanlou M and Babai-Ahari A
Plant Pathology & Quarantine 2(1), 44-55, doi 10.5943/ppq/2/1/7

8. Tropical phytopathogens 2: Pseudocercospora fuligena
Phengsintham P, Chukeatirote E, McKenzie EHC, Hyde KD, Braun U
Plant Pathology & Quarantine 2(1), 57–62, doi 10.5943/ppq/2/1/8

9. Bipolaris spicifera isolates with unusual conidial germination pattern on sunflower from Iran
Arzanlou M, Khodaei S
Plant Pathology & Quarantine 2(1), 64–68, doi 10.5943/ppq/2/1/9

10. Cercospora senecionis-walkeri – a new leaf-spotting hyphomycete from Laos and Thailand
Phengsintham P, Chukeatirote E, McKenzie EHC, Hyde KD, Braun U
Plant Pathology & Quarantine 2(1), 70–73, doi 10.5943/ppq/2/1/10

11. Screening of mycota associated with Aijung rice seed and their effects on seed germination and seedling vigour
Islam NF, Borthakur SK
Plant Pathology & Quarantine 2(1), 75–85, doi 10.5943/ppq/2/1/11

Issue 2

12. Diversity studies on arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in vegetable crop plants of Goa, India
Dessai SA, Rodrigues BF
Pathology & Quarantine 2(1), 87–101, doi 10.5943/ppq/2/2/1

13. Foliar diseases on tea and maté in Argentina caused by Pseudocercospora species
Braun U, Rybak M, Rybak R, Cabrera MG
Plant Pathology & Quarantine 2(2), 103–110, doi 10.5943/ppq/2/2/2

14. Cercospora habenariicola, a new record for India
Patil A, Patil MS, Dangat BT
Plant Pathology & Quarantine 2(2), 112–115, doi 10.5943/ppq/2/2/3

15. Fruit rot of olive (Olea europaea) caused by Truncatella angustata
Arzanlou M, Torbati M, Jafary H
Plant Pathology & Quarantine 2(2), 117–123, doi 10.5943/ppq/2/2/4

16. Morphological and molecular characterization of Cercospora zebrina from black bindweed in Iran
Bakhshi M, Arzanlou M, Babai-Ahari A
Plant Pathology & Quarantine 2(2), 125–130, doi 10.5943/ppq/2/2/5

17. ITS-rDNA sequences differentiate a new lineage of Diplodia associated with canker disease of apple in Iran
Arzanlou M, Bakhshi M
Plant Pathology & Quarantine 2(2), 132–141, doi 10.5943/ppq/2/2/6

18. Molecular identification of Macrophomina phaseolina by microsatellite-based fingerprint
Asran-Amal A
Plant Pathology & Quarantine 2(2), 143–151, doi 10.5943/ppq/2/2/7

19. Reducing phytophthora fruit rot in eggplant and tomato fruits using rice straw and swine manure
Asran-Amal A
Plant Pathology & Quarantine 2(2), 153–160, doi 10.5943/ppq/2/2/8

20. Golovinomyces orontii and other powdery mildews on Rosmarinus officinalis
Wichura A, Braun U, Weber RWS, Hildebrands A
Plant Pathology & Quarantine 2(2), 162–166, doi 10.5943/ppq/2/2/9

21. Ultrastructural characterization of infection and colonization of Colletotrichum gloeosporioides in onion
Panday SS, Alberto RT, Labe MS
Plant Pathology & Quarantine 2(2), 168–177, doi 10.5943/ppq/2/2/10

22. Influence of some biotic and abiotic inducers on Fusarium wilt disease incidence of lupin (Lupinus albus) on disease resistance and protein pattern
Mohamed HI, Abd El-Rahman SS, Mazen MM
Plant Pathology & Quarantine 2(2), 179–188, doi 10.5943/ppq/2/2/11

23. Colletotrichum sansevieriae on Sansevieria trifasciata – a report from Madhya Pradesh, India
Gautam AK, Avasthi S, Bhadauria R
Plant Pathology & Quarantine 2(2), 190–192, doi 10.5943/ppq/2/2/12

Issue 3

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