Volume 1 - 2011 - Index

Issue 1

1. Tropical phythopathogens 1: Pseudocercospora punicae
Phengsintham P, Chukeatirote E, McKenzie EHC, Hyde KD, Braun U
Plant Pathology & Quarantine 1(1), 1–6

2. The genus Asterostomula from Kerala, India, including one new species
Hosagoudar VB, Sabeena A, Jacob-Thomas
Plant Pathology & Quarantine 1(1), 7–10

3. Genus Cercospora in Thailand: Taxonomy and Phylogeny (with a dichotomous key to species)
To-Anun C, Hidayat I, Meeboon J.
Aly AA, Omar MR, Mansour MTM, Zayed SME, Abd-Elsalam KA.

4. Fusaria and other fungi associated with seedling blight and root rot of flax in the Nile Delta
Aly AA, Omar MR, Mansour MTM, Zayed SME, Abd-Elsalam KA.
Plant Pathology & Quarantine 1(1), 89–102

Issue 2

5. Overview of plant quarantine in Shenzhen, China
Zhang GM, Ling XY, Feng JJ, Cheng YH, Zheng Y, Li YN, Long H, Li FR, Wang Y, Jiao Y, Xiang CY, Yu DJ, Kang L
Plant Pathology & Quarantine 1(2), 103–114

6. Observations on Erysiphe platani in Germany
Kirschner R.
Plant Pathology & Quarantine 1(2), 115–119

7. Some interesting Meliolaceae members from Western Ghats Region of Kerala State
Hosagoudar VB, Riju MC.
Plant Pathology & Quarantine 1(2), 121–129

8. The genus Schiffnerula in India
Hosagoudar VB
Plant Pathology & Quarantine 1(2), 131–204, doi 10.5943/ppq/1/2/4

9. Molecular phylogeny and RNA secondary structure of Fusarium species with different lifestyles
Barik BP, Tayung K, Jagadev PN
Plant Pathology & Quarantine 1(2), 205–219, doi 10.5943/ppq/1/2/5

Issue 3

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