Volume 8 - Issue 1

Article Number 1

Isolation of Calonectria sulawesiensis from soil in Thailand and its pathogenicity against Eucalyptus camaldulensis


Jessadarom H, Phetruang W, Haitook S, Cheewangkoon R

Received 20 December 2017
Accepted 05 January 2018
Published Online 12 January 2018
Corresponding Author R. Cheewangkoon

Calonectria species are abundant and widely distributed in tropical and subtropical countries. In our survey four isolates of Calonectria sulawesiensis were isolated from soil collected in Chiang Mai Province, Thailand. The identification was based on morphological characteristics and the phylogenetic analyses of translation elongation factor 1-alpha gene (tef1-α) regions. This is the first report of this fungus in Thailand. In vitro pathogenicity showed Ca. sulawesiensis activity against eucalyptus.

Keywords Cylindrocladium – pathogenicity
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Article Number 2

Phyllosticta capitalensis sporulating on ginkgo leaves in Taiwan


Kirschner R

Received 24 November 2017
Accepted 04 January 2018
Published Online 19 January 2018
Corresponding Author R. Kirschner

Formation of pycnidia by Phyllosticta capitalensis on living and dead leaves of Ginkgo biloba is recorded for the first time, based on morphology and the internal transcribed spacer sequence (ITS) of the ribosomal RNA gene of samples from Taiwan. Although the fungus is recorded as a widespread endophyte and weak pathogen from numerous plants, on ginkgo it has hitherto only been known as an endophyte in Japan. Phyllosticta capitalensis is the single verified Phyllosticta species on this host. Another fungus from ginkgo, the invalidly published Pseudocercospora ginkgoana is validated here.

Keywords Botryosphaeriales – Diaporthe – Guignardia – Phoma – plant pathogen
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